Tuesday, July 26, 2011


   Everything is coming along great, I wish I was learning faster but hey, what can you do. I am enjoying teaching though, I feel like, even though I can't really speak, I can at least be enthusiastic and fun in my lessons. Object lessons are coming along fairly well. I can't wait to teach real investigators though. The ones here laugh at us a lot, sometimes in a good way but also sometimes not. This week in one of our lessons we were supposed to teach about receiving personal revelation through the book of Mormon, but "qishi" (revelation) is only different from "discrimination" by one tone, and we are still not very good at tones, so our investigators were a little confused. 'Personal discrimination' is just not the same thing. I'm sure I will have many stories similar to this over the next two years.
   The older generation of elders left today at four in the morning. It was really interesting to see how they were taking it, I think they have been here for so long that it felt like they would never leave. You can just tell that almost none of them really felt ready to go teach in Chinese. But being humble is a necessity anyway, so that is probably good. It is weird being the "older" generation now though, the ones who need to know what is going on and understand Chinese and stuff. Time to put it into gear I guess. If we actually leave on time, we will be flying to Taiwan six weeks from today. Still seems pretty far away, but it probably will go fast.
Since they left, we had to get new district leaders and stuff, and they picked me, which I'm a little confused about since my Chinese is mediocre at best and I'm definitely not the most spiritual or obedient. Maybe they're hoping the extra responsibility will help me catch up to everyone else.
   The temple re-opened this week though. That really is a blessing, I didn't realize that I had been missing it since I've been so busy. But it is so peaceful, such a good opportunity.
   Thanks for the legos and slinky and stuff. We are accumulating so much weird stuff here. Everyone here thinks I get the best packages, my stuff is always really entertaining. But this other guy got a little electronic puppy thing, it walks and barks and stuff. It is fun to send it under the occupied stalls in the bathroom and let it bark at people, we have had some good reactions. Oh also, about those cherries: So we got those and everyone started devouring them, they were so delicious. We got through about 3/4 of them and then someone found a little white maggot/worm thing on one, and we looked at the bottom of the container and there were probably 15 or 20 little guys wiggling around. I wonder how many I ate. But I guess at least we knew that the cherries were fresh...
   Oh also, mom, it's really cool that you were quoted in the paper about that ukulele camp. I especially like what you said. "It's amazing". How profound..... But it did sound like fun. I hope you guys are all having a fun summer! It sounds like you have found cool things to do.
   Keep me updated with everything at home! I love you all so much. I am so glad that I can be here and feel the spirit so strongly. I know that this is the Lord's work. Thanks for helping me get to this point in my life.

Wo feichang ai nimen,
Elder Braithwaite

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