Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Four weeks down, about seven or eight to go. We figured out our MTC time is about a tenth of our mission. Sort of like a tithe we get to pay before actually being missionaries.

But things are going great here. I feel more comfortable with the language every day, but not by much. I'm enjoying myself though! And I feel like the majority of the important things I learn really aren't related to Chinese, which is how it is supposed to be for sure.

Things at home sound great. I bet the reunion was fun, it sounded great. Mom, that is really cool that you are going to ukulele camp. I wish I could play that, I remember reading about an elder in Taiwan who used his ukulele for street contacting. Maybe you should see if you can find some missionary opportunities through your new skills.

We try to find ways to make things interesting here. We all tried brushing each others teeth, it's harder than you would think.

My companion's mom sent me figs, I guess he told her I like them, so don't worry about getting me more anytime soon, I've got plenty. Also, I got Nam's chicken. Tell her thanks for me, it was great. She is really sneaky hiding it like that.
I wish I had more interesting things to talk about. My district leader is apparently now a star in China, about a week after we entered the MTC a video he and his friends made in their Chinese class at Harvard went viral over there, apparently they got like tens of millions of views. His parents get called almost everyday be people trying to talk to him. Anyway, you should look the video up, Huafu Huaning Ni or something (a play on the Beijing Olympics opening song), it probably won't be popular on youtube, becuase no one in China has watched it there since they aren't allowed to. But anyways, I really can't think of anything more interesting to say. I'm done with soccer, I have started running with these guys who are really into it, ironmans and stuff, hopefully this will keep me in shape until Taiwan.

I love you all, thanks for writing me. If you want to help, send me creative ideas for object lessons that would be effective for teaching the doctrines in ch. 3 of PMG to children. We are always looking for ways to make our lessons more fun, and anything that would apply to children would help us since that is how basic our language skills are. Tomorrow we are going to teach one of our "investigators", Gao Hai Quan, about sin using that toy hamburger you sent me. That should be really effective, right? It is kind of fun to teach the gospel so simply, it helps you remember what is really important about it. I think it would be fun to teach a primary class someday. The basics are what makes our message true.

Wo ai nimen,
Elder Braithwaite

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