Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello again,
I know I just wrote, but I get to again because things are back to normal now. Everything is going great, I am feeling great about our area. So far I haven't messed it up too much I think. My senior companions have really being doing more than I thought, so these first few days were pretty tough. I had no idea how much it really took to do everything that needs to be done to keep all your investigators progressing and keep finding new ones and basically be a real missionary, but I am glad that I am learning now. I have been feeling real stressed lately with the newfound responsibility, but turns out it isn't really that bad when you keep the right attitude. I feel like everything I have learned so far on my mission is stuff I have already been taught but never really learned for myself. Few completely new revelations, more like a gradual, experiential understanding of things like the importance of attitude or faith or other basic things like that.
I am getting along super well with my companion. I think he may be the first missionary that is on his own list of recent converts to teach. I love him though, it has been so fun to work with him. The other day he asked me, just to be sure, if our church believed in the resurrection. So we have some work to do, but he is still a better missionary than others I have met despite his newness and he has no hesitation about his testimony so you can't beat that. Most of the English he knows is from songs (he was a DJ at a club here before), so not always clean but sometimes we'll be riding our bikes and he will sing some really random song by like Limp Bizkit or Elton John or anyone else, I just can't help but laugh, I think you have to hear him to really understand. But things are great, and yes, to answer your question, such companionships still can be effective. I hope.
As for Christmas, all I can think of are some Enya cd's. And maybe I will spend some money and buy myself a cd player. But ya, Enya is allowed, so that would be good. Other than that, there is really nothing I can't get here if I really want it, just stuff like peanut butter and cereal is super expensive so I don't.
Had a catastrophe with trying to cut my own hair last night. I unwisely bought the cheapest pair of clippers at the store, probably some made-in-Taiwan piece of junk, and they broke after about 20 seconds of cutting. So that left me with half long hair and half short, and the rest of the job up to my companion and scissors and it went not well at all. So today we will go to a place and maybe have to get my head basically shaved, which is not really missionary appropriate but is the best option at this point. Sticky situation, hopefully I don't get in any trouble or look like a skinhead. Funny though!
Glad to hear from you, love you all so much. Thanks for keeping me updated on things at home! hope everything goes well.
Elder Braithwaite

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