Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey so first I need to tell you. So because it was gGuonian a ton of people flooded the streets of this city, for vacation and to visit family and stuff. And my old companion from second transfer, the one who was a new convert and only part time missionary so he finished after that transfer, came down to find me. He said he missed me  and also that he was going to the US. It was fun to see him, but as we talked I realized he didn't have much of a plan, his plane gets to Salt Lake on Feb 6 (maybe 7th? I think it leaves here the 6th) and he is pretty much hoping to somehow find a language or esl school or something, and he doesn't know where he is going to live, or how long he will be there for. His English is not really super good either. So I told him to go to our house, and you could help him figure it all out. And let him live there for a little and then help him find some sort of English school if possible. He says if he can't find a school he will just stay for not long and then go home, but he hopes to stay for longer, like maybe a month or two. He was really grateful and is willing to pay you too, but I said you probably wouldn't want him to. Anyways, I realized we have no way to communicate because his plane arrives before next Monday and so I can't read your response, so I hope this is all okay with you. He is a good guy and I am assuming this is just an opportunity to make life at home more exciting for you, right? So you should probably talk to him, if you can, his email is (I think he may be able to figure out an email you send him, I gave him yours too.) Oh his english name is Daniel.
So this week was a fun week. We did get fed a lot, every day. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting, I had heard these horror stories from other missionaries of having to throw up between dinner appointments, we were okay though. Just uncomfortably full most of the week. Oddest thing I ate was probably this large intestine stuffed full of rice and small intestine, which really was good except it was real squishy. Also, Taidong has this weird local tradition where this week there will be a big festival thing where some volunteers wear basically nothing and stand before a crowd as everyone pays to throw fire crackers at them. They get to wave a branch to ward them off. I am still not sure what it represents, people have tried to explain it to me but it isn't logical. These people always get seriously injured have to go to the hospital afterwards, but apparently it is worth the money or maybe honor or something? I don't know.
We worked really hard this week but it was hard becuase almost everyone was from somewhere else, so they didn't want to talk to us. Most of our investigators also were doing family stuff all week or out of town so they also couldn't meet. I don't really have any impressive missionary stories to tell. Just still doing the same thing, trying to help these people study and keep them progressing. My companion is great though, he is a good example to me, works hard and has a good attitude. So that has been really good for me, a blessing for sure. Still love the work, even though it hasn't been easy to always stay positive. Learning a lot


For last p day we went to the mountain where there were monkeys everywhere, you could just pull over on the road and go play with them. Some were nice and let me pet them, some were really mean though and one was real angry and took some swipes at me when I didn't let go of the banana. It was fun. Felt really mystical being on a jungley mountain surrounded by monkeys.
Thats all I have time for. I love you, thanks for keeping me updated!
Elder Braithwaite

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