Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello family,
 Hey so this week was great! Got some good experiences, investigators making good progress and Brother Hong passed his baptismal interview! The guy who just finished his masters and is super cool. So if all goes without problem he should be baptized this Thursday. It has been cool to see his growth in the month that I have worked with him, went from a really normal guy, no real desire and didn't really think much about God, to someone who has real faith in a Heavenly Father. The thing that has made the difference with him really was just reading his scriptures and saying prayers. It is so simple but those things built faith in this guy who at first had none. Makes me realize how little missionaries really do in the conversion process. Without us I guess it wouldn't really happen, but in the end it absolutely is the Lord that gets it done. The converting power of the gospel is foolproof if people are willing to humbly do their part, do the simple little things. Applies to me too, I have realized. Feel like I am getting more and more converted to this gospel every day.
Met more interesting people this week. We have been having a lot of people give us free food. That is kind of a cultural thing, and I may or may not be taking advantage of it. I think I have gotten pretty effective at finding those nice people who will probably give you one of whatever they are selling just because you are white yet speak Chinese. Talked to this one guy who sells little fried bread things on the street all day and wanted to give us some. We sat down and taught him. His first prayer was "please help me spread my fried things to everyone, and help these guys spread their message to everyone, so we are both happy." I love the honesty in first prayers. Then this one guy from India, we sat down and taught a lesson to him. It was his only day off in weeks, he is here as a cook but lives in a dorm with a bunch of other Indian men and has no breaks and works crazy long hours. He is trying to make money for his family back in New Dehli. He won't see them for two years while he is on his contract here. He just seemed so exhausted. It just hit me, or I guess reaffirmed, it is so stupid to ever feel sad or sorry for yourself, there are so many people in the world who have it harder than you no matter how rough you think your life is. Just have to be humble and think about how great you really have it. I think that is one of the big things I am trying to learn on my mission, how to be happy regardless of circumstances, I am realizing that this really is a plausible skill. You really can pretty much always be happy if you are willing to count your blessings and have a good attitude.
We have some other cool families and investigators. The Qiu family came to church again, a single mom with two kids, which is super great and the kids love it so hopefully they will want to keep coming. Unfortunately it seems like a ton of the people we are teaching are gone next week, going to China or Hong Kong and other places. There is also a big thing coming up, I guess call it a tradition maybe, not really a holiday, where everyone goes and kind of worships at their ancestors graves, so a lot of people are on other parts of the island for the week. Overall it means I should get a lot of finding time this week which is great and a lot of fun. Finding ways to make things interesting.
Okay I love you!
Elder Braithwaite

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