Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mom, yes I usually have time to read all the e mails you send me, sending them this way is best. Sounds like the substitute teaching thing is fun, and everyone is doing well. I am glad my family is so great. I am learning more and more that just doing all the things that we have been asked to do absolutely does lead to a happy life, no question about that, so if you follow the prophets and the scriptures things all go okay.
Another good week overall. It got super cold, I was really surprised! I had to use my overcoat thing that has been nothing but deadweight since the start. I think it isn't that low temperature wise, just constantly raining and the air is so humid here anyway, the cold is so wet. I'd take Utah cold any day. Dry cold feels better. Times like just I just have to remember I'm lucky to not have to endure Canada or Russia or something.
Things are still going really well, and all these good people are still making good progress. Mark and Kong, the hot dog kids, committed to quit smoking and then actually did smoke less this week. We struggled getting people to church because of various reasons, but I think (hope) these are just blips and things are still going to go well with all these people. Hong, the guy working on his Masters, finished his thesis and will have a lot more time to meet now, and with how cool and humble he is I think he really could progress quickly assuming no problems. I am excited for all these people, I love getting to make all these friends even if most of the people I teach never end up accepting the gospel. 
Speaking of which, cool story; back in Neihu my second transfer. For the free English classes we teach weekly, we always share a gospel message at the end. I was teaching the beginners English class, and for the spiritual part I taught about the Book of Mormon. After, I asked if anyone would want to read it and no one really had any interest, but one girl, about 20 or so, was willing to take a copy and said she might look through it if she gets time. I left the area and obviously didn't think to much about that experience because I have given away plenty of Books of Mormon. But I remember this girl and her friends who came with her were really nice and our class was all friends. I just heard from the Sisters in that area that she ended up reading, wanting to learn more, and just barely got baptized. Super cool. I played a super small part in the process but an awesome reminder that you never know how much your little actions can effect the entire life of someone else. You realize, in the end all this is the Lord's work and the part you play is impossible to measure, but whether you are super successful or see no success has no reflection on your personal awesomeness, because any results "you" ever get are really just God helping and loving His children.
Again speaking of which, I thought a lot about love this week. This was actually because a tiny old man with a cane and white eyes, basically your stereotypical wise old chinese man, stopped me and told me in poor English "Thank you for what you do, I can't describe you but you have a good heart. Teach people how to love each other, help them." More or less that. It was interesting and he was Buddhist and did not want to change, but I realized that the point of the gospel is to help people feel the love of their Heavenly Father, and then do their best to develop love in their lives and show it for others. That is more or less the whole point of it all. Those two things make real differences in a person's life if genuinely felt. So I have really been making an extra effort to show my love for everyone and the work seems to be going about the same, but I feel a lot better as I do it. Most people here do not believe in Jesus but really like him and tell me it is because he always focused on love, and I figure if I can't figure out how to really love others everday of my life then what kind of Christian am I. Awful grammer but English is not so important anymore.
Hey you should send me a picture of the scripture thing and see if I can read it. I think that is more or less it for this week, about out of time. I love you all so much and am so grateful for everything that you do!
Elder Braithwaite

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