Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey there
Sounds like all is well, as always. Mom, sounds like you are the most interesting right now.  When you go down to Arizona, you can tell Keith I spent some time a few months ago working with an Elder Vargha from his ward. I had to stay in his apartment when Elder Yu had to go home for military all of a sudden and I still hadn't been put with Daniel. I mean Elder Chen. Anyway, connection.
I looked at that scripture, yes it is Proverbs but you got the verse wrong, which is interesting because that is the only part that is not in characters so you should be able to read it, right? It is something about man and humble heart or something. Still not so good at the reading.
As for  St. Patrick's Day, I don't think they have any idea what that is here. Yes, the Irish population is relatively small. Oh another funny connection, this week I was in one of the chapels in Toayuan Shi for a training meeting and on their bulletin board was a picture of Sister Williams at the MTC! Small world, one of the girls in the picture was Taiwanese looking so I am guessing it was a missionary from that ward who happened to be in a room with her or something. Bet she didn't think strangers in Taiwan would have her picture hanging in their chapel.
This week was super! Saw a lot of good things happen. Tony Hong is done with his masters stuff (more or less) and will have more time now, he should be good to be baptized within a month or so. Lin and Kong, hot dog kids, decided that working until 3 in the morning and sleeping until 1 or 2 wasn't good for their health, so they are selling the stand and getting a job in a factory, which means they can come to church! It was cool to see them making such a good decision, and they really do want to come to church. And they are doing well on quiting smoking. I really want to help them, as I look at them I see that they are like a year younger than me but their lives are going in such a different direction, I can't help but think how different they would be if they believed in the savior, got some direction, maybe even served a mission. There are so many blessings of the gospel, it is a privilege to be able to spread them.
Some interesting lessons this week. One guy met with us but brought his Japanese girlfriend who spoke English and Japanese but no Chinese, the guy spoke Japanese and Chinese but no English. So when they talked they used Japanese, but to teach her we had to use English and for him use Chinese. So we made it through the lesson with one of us just talking in either Chinese or English and then the companion would just translate it into whichever wasn't said. They both were willing to pray and keep meeting, it is true that the Spirit is the same in every language.
Met a neat guy, young father, super successful businessman from Hong Kong with a really cute little girl named Angelique.  I talked to him really quick a few weeks back as he was getting into his Mercedes and he didn't have time but left a number (like tons of other people), but later he actually did set up and it turns out he is a great dad who sacrafices a ton for his family and is excited about getting involved in church. We prayed and he said he really could feel the power of it. Hopefully all goes well.
Taught a nice Aborigine family too. I don't see them as much here as I did down south, I kind of miss that because I really like the native Taiwanese. They are so nice, kind of remind me of a Polynesian culture in some ways. This old man had this rough but friendly feel about him, just sitting there with his big machete thing making cups out of stalks of bamboo, which he gave to us as gifts and are super cool. He took one and threw it against the floor just to prove it wouldn't break. Just kind of grumbles his Chinese, we can barely get anything he says. Anyway, we had this spiritual lesson and then invited him to be baptized, and he looked up and paused for a minute and then all concerned asked if the water was cold. We then spent several minutes discussing the temperature and how it would be a physically comfortable experience and he didn't need to worry. He was good with it, seems like the kind of guy that will do whatever as long as it seems good or his wife tells him to do it. She was a little more thoughtful about the idea of baptism, though, thought maybe she should ponder before just committing. Funny gender difference. But at least his concern was easier to resolve than something with the Word of Wisdom or tithing. He kept making cups.
Okay that is all for now I think. I feel like I always have more stuff I can say, especially stuff Iearned this week, but time is always not enough. Trying to improve these letters though, give you a better idea of what is going on with me. Sorry no pictures, I try to send some next week.
I love you!
Elder Braithwaite

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