Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sounds like Arizona was fun. I want to see some pictures of the kids! Actually I guess you will probably send some when the new one comes, that is soon enough. Let them all know that I love them! And as far as Conference goes, still haven't seen it, comes a week late here, but really stoked for this weekend. It was more or less my favorite weekend of the year before the mission, even better now.

 Hey so good news, Tony (brother Hong) got confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! And before that he got baptized! He is such a cool, smart guy. I feel like teaching him was too easy. Like I struggled so hard in all these other areas to get these investigators to slowly progress, and then I come here and teach him and he just developed so much faith so fast. For example, one lesson he first shared with us a scripture about obedience to the commandments bringing blessings that he liked from his personal study. After that we just told him about the Word of Wisdom and he said "well, if it is a commandment I guess I should follow it." Usually not that easy to get a Taiwanese person to stop drinking tea. So cool.
Baptism! Tony is the guy next to me; Elder Clifford; the other Asian, this new member in the ward we wanted to baptize him.

With him what made the difference was honestly that he was just willing to pray and read and come to church. He trusted us when we told him that these things would make a difference in his development of faith, and they did. He was so happy after his baptism! He said himself he just felt so happy. Makes me think how badly the Lord wants us to trust him when he tells us something is good or bad for us, He knows how happy it will make us but we need to be humble enough to just do it.

This week everything else has gone really well also. Maybe not quite so miraculous in finding as we have been for the past few weeks, but still pretty solid. I love meeting the crazy people, there are a lot around. Way old man telling me how he saw God and how beautiful his airplane was, like a bird, none of the angels had them, only Jesus and God. And then acting it out for me. You really get a ton of crazies here, I don't know if other missions are the same, but it certainly keeps things interesting. One thing that has bugged me lately was how ridiculously busy everyone is here. You get the excuse all the time that people can't meet with you because they have no time. When I first got here I thought it was just a dumb excuse, that, if they really wanted to, anyone could find 20-30 minutes once a week to learn about God. But the truth is, a lot of people here literally do not, they work 7 days a week 15 hours a day. And that isn't too weird or unordinary. Students are just as bad, also attending class of some sort from early morning until 8 or 9 at night and then just doing all their homework until bed, everyday including Sunday, some from middle school on. This society is a little crazy in this way. I think this is honestly one of Satan's more powerful tools, making you too busy with what you think is important that you lose the time for Heavenly Father. This probably happened to some degree in my pre mission life too, but won't after, that's for sure.

Last Monday we went to an amusment park for Pday. That was fun, it had the most confused theme though. I guess it used to be American Western themed but then they just added SpongeBob stuff everywhere, so there was a weird and funny mix of decorations. I was thinking how funny it would be to go to Lagoon or somewhere and see a bunch of missionaries on the roller coaster. 
Confused decorations!
Me and Patrick

I bet if missionaries rode horses we'd be more successful.
So that is good for the week. Super excited for conference and I still have a lot of hope for our investigators here. Sister Qiu is doing really well, that single mom lady with two kids, maybe i'll write about her more next week, don't know if I have yet or not. I always forget what I tell you and what I forget to tell you. And we had a bunch come to church, seeing some good faith being shown. Keep praying for these people.
I love you!
Elder Braithwaite

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