Sunday, April 22, 2012

This week I do not have a ton to say. Everything is going really well and I can't complain. We had a bunch of investigators come to church. One is 游弟兄 who is really cool, the guy who's girlfriend is the new convert. He has been doing his reading and praying really well and this is his second time to church, which means he is well on his way to baptism. Because if people just read, pray, and come to church, they get it. I have yet to see someone who does those three things with real intent and doesn't feel that this gospel is true. It's foolproof! That's how we trick them.
Did teach a bunch more international lessons. We visited that Indian chef again who has one day off a month but is willing to meet on that day and we gave him a Hindi Book of Mormon. This lesson was actually super cool because his English is not great and he speaks zero Chinese so communication is very limited. But even using super simple language we were able to explain prophets and scripture and prayer and he really did get it, finished the lesson praying in Hindi (which sounds nuts) and the spirit was really strong. Also met again with our Indonesian investigator and gave him an Indonesian Book of Mormon, which is another language that is fun to listen to. Met with another guy who brought along his Vietnamese girlfriend (I feel like a lot of people have them here). She is not super interested but is nice. Talked to some weird people from Thailand on the street, not nearly as nice as the Taiwanese people I am used to. A Chinese guy from Australia. Another man from Pakistan in a turban and long beard and all that who invited me to the mosque and more persistently preached his message than he would let me preach mine. Another guy from Cypress. We run into plenty of Phillipinos. Also we have a lesson set up this week with a guy from Mongolia. After that, I think I will have met and taught people from most major Asian countries.
熊弟兄 got baptized! Not my investigator. But A cool guy I got to teach on exchanges a while ago.   Has progressing parkinsons and is really humble and when we went to his apartment it was so sad, just concrete and cold and wreaked of cigarettes, but this guy has so much faith. He heard the gospel and immediately accepted it, just made sense to him. I got to teach him the plan of salvation and at the end he said, "I get it, the point is to go to the celestial kingdom and to do that we have to get baptized." Summed up missionary work better than I ever could. He quit smoking in like 2 weeks in order to get baptized. I feel like I was just as happy to see him baptized as I would one of my own investigators. In the end it doesn't really matter who teaches the investigator because the message is the Lords and the blessings are from the Lord and the missionary really doesn't matter, just kind of the step that has to be in the middle. Not that we aren't important, just have to remember that in the end we really aren't that awesome, it's not us that really does anything.
That is all for this week. Good stuff is happening in Nankan. Hope is high that good stuff will continue to happen. Trying my best to have that happy, Taiwanese-y attitude everyday. The people here are a good example to me.
I love you!
Elder Braithwaite
--------Our bathroom, this is typical, small and the shower just sprays down on everything else.

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