Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good to hear from everyone, you all sound great. Yes I got the Easter package, thank you, the chocolate was good. Taiwanese chocolate is awful, you can buy real chocolate here but its expensive, Gave most of it to a local elder in our district and he loved it. Don't worry about sending me stuff over emails, it doesn't take too long and I like reading it, I just read it fast, it would be less convenient to send it through the mail. Mom's new job sounds really boring.
Hey question are you all still vegetarian? I tell people that my family at home is vegetarian/vegan and often get funny reactions, they expect all Americans to eat cow every meal. I have been pretty much vegetarian since I got to Taiwan, there is always tofu that you can pick instead of meat so whenever it is my choice that is what I get. This transfer Elder Sheng moved into our district who has serious allergies so has to eat vegan. So I wanted to support him and give up meat completely, and I talked to this other elder and he said he would do it too, and it spread and now most of our district is vegetarian (still one elder refuses to give it up, he is from Nebraska though). Even my companion who's family raises chickens and pigs is trying it out. Oh this is fun, in Chinese if you "check someone out" it is called "eating their tofu".
Speaking of which, last week was transfers and I forgot to tell you, but I am still here with Elder Clifford so not much to tell. Super excited to stay, I love Taoyuan and Nankan, great people here. Sister Qiu is getting pretty close to baptism. She is the single mom, don't know if I have mentioned her before, really hard working taking care of her kids. Super good Book of Mormon reader and really ponders everything we share. She has been doing really well and has made a ton of progress. Came to church again, always has a good experience, plus her daughter loves it and really wants to get baptized. Pray for her, if all goes okay she could be baptized in the next few weeks. Her family needs the gospel so much.
Other than her we have a bunch of good investigators lately. Two guys who are investigating the church because of their girlfriends. Actually this is really cool, one is in high school and his friend is this girl who joined the church, only member in her family, and this guy noticed that she was a really good person and that she gave him a great example so he was willing to start meeting with us. The other is this guy who's girlfriend is a new convert in a different part of Taiwan, but this girl has a ton of fire for the gospel and started calling him every night and making him say a prayer with her over the phone before they go to bed. Then convinced him he should try it out too, start meeting with us. So relationships are a really good way to spread the gospel. Plus I guess these guys have some pretty good extra motivation to accept the message.
Can't think of what else happened this week. Probably a lot, I am tired. My bike is holding up okay but it has definitely accumulated some battle scars. Still haven't been hit, not for real. I'll try to keep it that way. I get scared when I think how long I have been here. Still have plenty of time but it does go fast.
I love you!
Elder Braithwaite
These pictures are random ones I have taken, just
 sort of a sample of what the city here looks like.


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