Tuesday, May 15, 2012


           Not much to say. Hope you liked the song when I called. It was great to talk. Not a ton to write in this email now I guess.

             I didn't really mention much about 游建螎. He is our investigator who just passed his baptismal interview, is getting baptized on Saturday. I love him, he is super great and I feel like he is really just my buddy. Even better, he and his girlfriend do have plans for the temple as soon as possible, which is a year from his baptism. So if that works out I would still be on island and could probably get permission to go to their wedding! I feel like that would be really cool, seeing an investigator get married in the temple. I am sure they'll make it, both he and she are some of the best new converts (or soon to be) I have ever seen.

                This week the ward had another baptism. The other Taoyuan elders had a man who has had the biggest struggle ever making it to baptism, has been meeting for about two years now. He works as a security guard, is ex-special police/motocycle model. One of the only Taiwanese men I have ever been intimidated by. After his baptism he stood up to bear his testimony and had this stunned look as if he couldn't believe it had happened, and said "I gave up smoking, drinking, broke up with my girlfriend, nearly had to give up my job........ Now I'm baptized. I have never felt like this." It was just super powerful, super cool story, wish I could give it more justice. Really a testimony builder to see that with faith and prayer and fasting the Lord can make anything happen. The converting power of the gospel is real.

             Excited to go to the temple today! I might get to do endowments in Chinese. Also, move calls this week - I should be staying -- if not it will be a really big surprise, but you never know. Going to pass off a Book of Mormon reading test to my president today as well -- hopefully that goes well.

            An elder in my district got hold of a "ghost pepper" plant. Supposedly the hottest peppers in the world. We were told that in India they throw them in the fire and the smoke is enough to keep elephants out of their fields. So he wants to eat one, I want to watch.
             I know there is other stuff going on, mostly just Brother You's baptism, that is most important. I'll send pictures next week of that.
I love you

Elder Braithwaite

We climbed a mountain for morning exercise, got a good view of polluted old Taoyuan:

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