Sunday, June 24, 2012


Good week. I feel like these letters are turning into a form letter.
Part 1: Response to family letter/maybe attempt a clever comment:
You guys sound great! Happy Fathers Day! Happy Birthday Mother! I hope
you do something really great for that. I am happy that it is your
birthday,  Mom. I liked that Uchtdorf talk about being in the middle. It
is good advice. I also think is a fancy excuse for an old person to
not feel so old, just say that everything is eternal so really we're
all just the same old. Nice try, you two. Still old though. If it
helps, when I show people that picture of me and mom in our kitchen at
my farewell they often ask if she is my girlfriend. But then, most Taiwanese people think white people all look the same and also that I am about 30, so that might not mean much.

Part 2: New from the week:
Almost 10 months on island. Transfers came and Elder Cordon is gone,
to Song Shan which is an awesome area that he will love, and I am
staying here and I love that because staying somewhere for more than 6
weeks feels great. Also I love Yonghe. Also I will be training! That
is an adventure I bet. Won't get him until Thursday. Man, still feels
like it wasn't that long ago I was being trained.

Part 3: Stories or experiences:
Most importantly is 楊弟兄 got baptized!       That is super good. He had some struggles but got over them and this guy is a stud. Hopefully we can
start working with his wife too. He wants us to meet her. He is such a
happy guy. He is Ashley's age. He was shocked when I told him she has
six children. Taiwanese people usually think that is absolutely nuts,
having 6 let alone by 30. When I meet people I like to show the
picture of her and the kids and me at the temple when I went to the
MTC. They always like that and think blonde kids are cute. So let the
kids know they have been helping with the missionary work in Taiwan.

This week I met a kid who is 18 and really wants to know if God is
real and has had friends get baptized in other churches but has never
been able to feel it. So we started meeting with him, and had some
really cool lessons and he ended up coming back and meeting with us
pretty much every day this week. Finished the week by coming to our
baptismal service. He is awesome, but just like so many of the great
people I find, is not sticking around. Today he is going down to the
south of the Island for boot camp, he is starting studying at the air
force academy here. So he won't have a cell phone or days off or any
way to keep studying the gospel. It is super sad for me to see someone
with that kind of desire have no way to keep learning, but it makes me
feel really grateful I got to meet and spend a week teaching him the
gospel and just trust that someday he will get a chance again. At
least he is a new buddy.

Got to do a baptismal interview with a Mom from China, actually from
Chengdu in the middle where they have panda bears and also Wayne and
that other guy who lived with us for a while. She was great and I feel
so awesome seeing all these awesome people with such amazing
testimonies accepting the gospel. So many of them say something like
"at first I had no intention of believing in this because it is
totally foreign and different than what I grew up with, but I started
meeting because I felt bad for the missionaries and after some time I
really feel it is right."  The spirit really doesn't have any cultural
or language or any sort of boundaries. Cool testimony to me.

Part 4: Share about last P-day/explain pictures I send:
I finally went to that really tall building!
 It was cool and there was a big tour group from northern China there and they had the Beijing accent and it was so much fun to talk to them because they sound so different. Taking pictures from the top felt more like I was taking pictures from an airplane than a building.

  If you look closely, you can see my area in that second picture, in the background by those grayish buildings.

Part 5: Say I love you.
I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you do.
I will try to think of a way to make these more creative next week maybe.

Elder Braithwaite

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