Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fun stuff this week. Thanks for the letters, I am glad you got to meet
President Grimley, yes he does have a lot of character. Hope everything is
going great, sounds like you are all good. This week we have temple day so
that is why this letter is delayed. Yay temple!

Things went great with Brother 林. Baptismal service was great, had my
companion do it and it took him several times to get it right in Chinese
but all was well. We all laughed because every time after my comp said his
name to start the prayer Brother Lin would loudly state "I am here", just
kind of funny. The ward loves him, he shared a really funny, rambling old
man testimony that lasted about 10 minutes after the baptism, but he did
tie it all together in the end and it was cool , and he really has found what
he has been looking for.  I wore a little jacket for it.

Things are hot, and humid. I have never been so consistently sweaty. This
place is nuts. But then this week we suddenly had more storms, I think the
hardest rain I have seen, hard enough that the drops hurt. And there was
lightning right over this part of the city, so it would strike and the
thunder was at the same time and would echo off all the buildings, just
kind of a fun day for riding around the city and talking to people.
Benefits of the summer though is that fruit has gotten cheap and I
have eaten 2 mangoes daily for the past few weeks and then lots of other
fruit and it has been great. We went to Costco and I bought 5 pounds of
raisins but after I got home I remembered how much I liked raisins and
finished the bags this week. So too much fiber lately.

Things were great this week and next week will be awesome too because we
have two more investigators getting baptized, both of whom are so great.
張育安 is 16 and is such a stud, he has developed such a love for the gospel
and is one of the smartest and most mature 16 year olds I have met. I am
always especially impressed when youth like him have the faith to join the
church even though it makes them the first one in their whole family
history to not follow the traditional Buddhism. But he has felt the spirit
and that is enough for him. I have seen it several times that someone his
age gets baptized and later the family sees the good changes and then
follows. So we're hoping for this, and I also have plans to start prepping
him for a mission cause he would be awesome. Then there is 劉進吉 and he is
also great, has gone from one of those guys who is just sort of curious and
has not a lot of desire, to someone who really feels like this is exactly
what he needs. Just a really good guy, also he is learning how to be a
makeup artist which I think is just great if that is what he wants to do.
He also has a more real job though so its okay. They both passed interviews

We are doing our best to follow the spirit and that is exactly what my
companion is teaching me. His Chinese and teaching abilities are still
about where you would expect them to be after 2 weeks, but I am realizing
that it doesn't really matter, if you have the spirit. Compared to the
Savior we are all pretty poor teachers anyways so the point is whoever has
his help making up the difference is the one that effectively spreads the
message. For example. This week we were meeting with this guy for the first
time and my companion wants to share a scripture, Mosiah 3:5 and I let him
go for it but in my mind thought that it was a little too confusing to
share on a first time visit with a Buddhist guy who has never seen
scriptures in his life and has no understanding of Christ at all. But then
we read it and as we discussed it the investigator kept reading on his own,
then shares with us that he was really moved by verse 6. Which is "And he
shall cast out devils, or the evil spirits which dwell in the hearts of the
children of men." And then he explains that he always knew Jesus was a
really influential figure in history and has always wondered why, but when
he read this it makes him think that maybe it is because of the influence
he has on changing an individual heart, that he gives us the power to
change the bad parts of ourselves. And it clicked for him. And I would
never think to share that scripture with someone, or expect someone to get
that insight out of it, and yet the spirit knew this guy, so just another
moment where I feel humbled.

So here are some pictures of last p day too, we took a bus up to this city
in the mountains outside of Taipei, it was great so great to get out of thecity even for just a few hours. Pretty.      

Love you!
Elder Braithwaite

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