Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey nice to hear from you all. Sounds like everything is going really great. Travis, the new job sounds really cool! You'll be a much better cook than me when I get back. In Taiwan, we aren't even allowed to cook for ourselves. It's a rule that you don't go back to your apartment because it wastes time.  Food is so cheap and convenient on the street so we eat that everyday. So I definitely will not be a missionary who learns to cook on his mission.
Here is the update on the last few days. We did have our baptism! 張育安! He is great. The 16 year old. He was really happy, and his baptismal service was so great. First, only like 3 members came so that was a little disappointing but then actually the little group made it really spiritual. But this was funny -- our ward mission leader started the water filling the font, and then we started the baptismal service, (the part before the actual baptism), in the chapel, which is sort of raised from the rest of the building by a little. But when that was done we walked into the hall and saw that no one had turned the water off and that the rest of the building was flooded with a half inch to a full inch of water -- there was a ton. Luckily the floor was all tile and no carpet, so it was just like a pool, but still bad news. So the bishop and mm leader and us worked for about an hour using trash pans to scoop the water into buckets and dump it outside while everyone else sat in the chapel and sang hymns. Really funny experience. When the water was mostly gone we did the baptism. Brother Zhang and I went into the men's room right before going down into the font, and the men's room was still in about 2 inches of water, and we were laughing and he said at least he won't forget his  baptism.

It was great though, and after the baptism he shared such a great testimony and said he had never felt the same way in his life, that he was really feeling the spirit and he knew it. He is super solid. And the best part was his mom came to support him, and she was happy and smiling with him. Even though she probably won't be willing to accept the message for now, I just think about how much he is affecting his family and what a huge difference he is making in his own future family. He tells us he really wants to go on a mission too. So great, I think this was one of the times I have felt the spirit the strongest on my mission. 

Then there is 劉弟兄. He didn't get baptized, because two days before his baptism he got seriously sick and at the same time  got food poisoning, so he was unable, and is going to the hospital tomorrow. He should be good though, it sounds temporary. Still way lame. Satan is the worst. But he still wants to do his baptism, so hopefully we will re do his interview this week and then he can have his baptism in two.

That is about all that has happened since I last wrote. The other big news this week is that I bought a blender! I was getting sick of not being able to eat through all my fruit before it goes bad, which is quick in this climate. So now I can blend the stuff that gets too ripe. Also I have been blending up soybeans and water to make that soy slush stuff, doesn't count as soymilk cause it's way too thick, but it is really good especially if you add fruit or chocolate powder.

That is all for now. My companion is great. I feel like I am a pretty inadequate trainer but whatever, he seems to be doing fine. We're both happy at least and I think usually when both missionaries are happy everything seems to go fine. He is good at stuff like being Christlike so that is helping me learn.

I love you all! 

Elder Braithwaite

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