Sunday, July 1, 2012


This week was more odd. Things are going well and we did have some good stuff happen, but for the most part it was tough because our area had no missionaries in it until the weekend. My new companion still hadn't come from America  and so I had to spend a few days in 中和 with the zone leaders in a tripanionship. So we only had a few days to meet with our investigators and do finding and stuff so it was a little rough. But good nonetheless.

Training will be exciting. My companion is Elder Davidson and he has moved around the country a lot but now his family is in Layton. He is a really humble guy and super nice, loves football and just has a really earnest desire to serve the Lord and love the people. A very simple guy. Man, it reminds me of how hard it is when you first come out - still can't even say your own name right in Chinese, let alone talk to anyone. It will be good though. We'll see miracles.

I am still enjoying it all, trying to think of what really happened this week that is noteworthy. Some investigators made a lot of progress, we should be having more baptisms soon. 張育安 is this kid we are teaching, he is 16 and he has been learning really fast, he is a stud. Really smart, friendly, wants to go to law school, loves the gospel, prays for opportunities to share it, and his family supports him in meeting with us because they think if he likes Jesus then Christianity could really help him. So he wants to get baptized and it will probably happen in two weeks.

There is also 劉弟兄 and he is great. He is a really happy guy and we feel like he has been doing really well and his testimony has grown so much since we started meeting with him. It has been great to see. We don't have too much left to teach him and he has been coming to church so hopefully all goes well with him too.

I am really excited about all the success we have been seeing lately. It is cool to see hard work paying off, but it is also reminding me how every little bit of success you see as a missionary is completely because of the Lord. Sometimes I get stupid and think it is my effort that is leading to these people accepting the gospel but it really is all up to Heavenly Father, it is the Spirit that changes them. He is like 99% and we just do our little part and feel important, like a little kid. I look at these people and their lives and all the events that lead them to the point they are at now where they can and are accepting the gospel and the hand of God is present at every step, preparing them and helping them at the moment and giving them answers.  It makes you think why Heavenly Father even bothers using missionaries at all. He could use any method and I'm sure there would be a more effective one than 19 year olds, but I guess it is important to give us an opportunity to help so we can grow and also feel the happiness that he feels when His children accept the gospel. Read Jacob 5 this week and that is what I thought of, just noticed how much the Lord of the vineyard does and how much the servants do and it isn't even, but he still wants us to be happy with Him. Verses 70-75 I think. Good stuff. I'm just glad to be here and be doing this.

That is all I can think of for now. I feel like my head is just tired and I can't remember what happened. But I do know that everything went well. I love you all a lot!

Elder Braithwaite

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