Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey hello

This week went swell. Not too much to report on I think. I am really
enjoying being here and doing this. Sounds like you guys are all doing
well. Mom, congrats on the race, I am jealous that you get to go out
and run and stuff.  That is one of the things I have missed most on my
mission is being able to go on a run, for more than twenty minutes,
and not on a track. But that is okay, this week actually we started
playing basketball with some members for morning exercise so that has
been fun.

Our investigators are doing okay. I have never had an area where
sickness/accidents have been such a problem. Brother Liu, who was
supposed to get baptized last week but couldn't because of food
poisoning, was supposed to re-do his baptismal interview this week,
but also couldn't because he was in the hospital. Now his family is
starting to tell him that they think baptism is a bad idea and stuff.
So that is not desirable. Hopefully things will all work out but right
now there is a lot of opposition. So we are pressing forward with that

Better news is that Brother Wang, who is 19 and awesome and plays for
his college basketball team, is excited about his baptism. He and his
family went to Japan this week but when he gets back he wants to do it
so we are stoked about that. His testimony is way cool.  One night at
school he just couldn't sleep and was stressed about a lot of stuff,
so he turned on the TV and ended up watching one of those Christian
televangelist guys who taught him how to pray, so he tried it and he
said he just felt really peaceful and was able to sleep and decided it
was time to find God. The next day he met the missionaries on the
street. Cool huh.

I am doing great. This area is doing great too. Actually I will
probably not write much more because my companion is feeling really
sick with the diarrhea. The joys of coming to a new country. So I am
concluding now for his sake. I love you all so much! The gospel is

Elder Braithwaite

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