Sunday, August 19, 2012


Everything is going great here! There are definitely a lot of areas I would like to improve, we have got to make changes but hey I'll be patient.

Good to hear from you. Oh man, you might think it is weird that people I went to school with are already getting home... I can just tell, based off the last year, how quickly my mission will be coming to an end. Not that I am at all looking forward to it, but I hear that the second year goes faster than the first and my first year flew. Which just makes me want to do even more, it isn't worth it to waste any time at all. Technically I still have a few more weeks until I have been on island for a year. Still crazy.

Here is a cool story: This week we were out contacting on the street one night and I talked to this kid, about my age, and after a little while he mentioned he had met missionaries before. I asked him how much he remembered and he mentioned something about the Book of Mormon, how he had been interested but at the time he hadn't had any time because he was a high school senior and had a lot of tests. I asked where and he said Taidong, and I told him jokingly that it might have been me because I used to be there. But then he said that it was about 6 months ago and he felt like that elder was named Bai also. It really surprised me, because 6 months ago was when I was there and I was definitely the only Bai. So it really was me that talked to him before. I knew he looked a little familiar. I later went and checked my old planner, and found his name and number recorded last January. And now here we are in Taipei, other side of the island, and the most crowded district in the whole city, and somehow I run into him again. The odds are not large. He says since he has moved up here by himself to start college and he knows no one and was super excited that I talked to him and would love to hear more. Cool, because as missionaries we do a lot of planting seeds, and most of the time you just hope that those people you talk to will later accept a different missionary or something, but you don't usually get a chance to be that person they later accept.

Brother Wang finally did his baptismal interview! His baptism is set for this week. Super excited about this. Slightly worried becuase he just told us he still hasn't told his family, which is technically okay because he is a legal adult but still really praying he isn't disowned or anything. But he wants to do it, and he knows it is right, and I just love seeing the faith. I have loved teaching him, he is 2 months younger than me so I really feel like I am just teaching the gospel to my friend or someone I went to school with or something. Its been great.

Last night we went to a fireside at the temple and my new convert brother You and his girlfriend came from Taoyuan to see it, and so we ran into each other and when he saw me he was so excited, just the biggest smile and ran over to give me a hug (which isn't something that Taiwanese guys do much) and it was great, and it just reminded me of how grateful I am for this opportuinty to make these lifelong, actually eternal, friendships. Being a missionary is such a privilege. He is still super active and is preparing to recieve the Melchezidek priesthood. Yay! Oh also he says he googleearth'ed our house and is jealous and thinks its really pretty. Yards are really a novelty to people here, let alone an open field across the street like we've got.

Biggest accomplished goal for the week: Finally made it through the Isaiah chapters in Chinese. I thought it was confusing before.

Okay so I can't think of much else. I am happy, this week our numbers weren't super great, but I felt so happy and I love being here, and there are so many miracles in my life and in the lives of all the missionaries in this area and we are really seeing to work take off. Pray for us, I love it, we just gotta keep it up.

I love you!

Elder Braithwaite

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