Monday, August 6, 2012


Its great to hear from everyone. Sounds like all is well. Things are good here too. 
I was glad to be working this week. I feel like nothing really special happened. It was kind of a slow week, one of those weeks where you put forth a lot of effort and don't quite see as many results as you would like. So that is okay though. I am really enjoying this area and the missionaries in my district.  This is the last week of the transfer so we will see what changes, potentially my last week with elder Davidson. It has been fun training but I am not particularly good at it, which makes me feel bad for him. I'm comfortable at doing missionary stuff but its real hard to explain to someone else how to be comfortable at doing missionary stuff. It's a process. We did finally paint his bike! Brought back so many memories of that night so long ago when I painted mine. My bike is getting beat, I'll send a picture sometime maybe. 

This week we had typhoon. Wednesday afternoon until Friday we weren't allowed to leave our apartments, which was dumb because for most of that time it was just heavy rain, like the kind that we work in all the time, and nothing dangerous. I guess that on other parts of the island it was really bad though, so they put us all inside for safety. It was super weird to just sit and have a bunch of time to choose what I do. So that was different. 

If I get transferred I won't get to see Brother Wang get baptized, that basketball kid, which is real sad because he is such a cool investigator. I would be really happy to stay here but we'll see what happens. It's great how it makes no difference where you are or who you're with, the work won't change, and you'll be a good missionary if you are willing to work. 

Okay so I don't know what else to report on this week, but here is what I thought: I need to let you know that, family, I do pray for you all daily. I really care about you and hope that Heavenly Father is blessing you. I know I haven't been very good at personal communication with everyone, probably because I have some lacking in personal communication skills, and also would rather spend my P-days doing stuff in Taiwan than writing letters. But I hope that you know that I really do love every member of our family and hope that you are all so happy. Definitely grateful to have as great of a family as I got, learn a lot from all of you and family is a really special thing. So just know that I haven't forgotten you during my mission, still think about and pray for everyone everyday. 

Elder Braithwaite


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