Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fun week. It has been interesting having a new mission president. We have had some good opportunities to really change some things about the mission, things that I think needed to change. But this stuff would probably sound boring to you. I am just excited overall, things here in this area have been great and should continue to be great. I really just feel super blessed, I know that Heavenly Father is the reason we are having any success at all. Humbled, more and more, that He blesses me so much.
This week was cool because people did what we asked them to do. We had 7 investigators come to church! That was great, plus maybe even more important was all the new converts we have baptized have been coming too. Even Brother Lin with his old man heart. He has been in and out of hospitals lately. But he was as happy as ever. It was a really great week.
Mom, we found a guy to teach through the ukulele! We have this brother in our ward who is pretty good, and he teaches ukulele, and one day he invited us to come over before one of his lessons and he had the student come early, and then we got to sit and talk with him and he agreed to keep meeting. So that's creative right?
This morning we woke up early to come email, and riding through the city I realized the air is cool. Is it really September already? Fastest summer of my life. I don't think I complained about the heat once (at least, to you). There were some days where I literally felt difficulty breathing. The heat and humidity and pollution can't escape this part of the city, it's too crowded. It has not only been the fastest summer, but also the sweatiest and I have never worked so hard, or felt so genuinely happy. I have such a testimony that working really hard is a key to happiness, especially when that work is for others.
I felt like there were a bunch of deep insights I had this week, it is hard to remember though. I do remember having several very spiritual lessons, and just thinking how cool a feeling that is, to say something and then feel the spirit enter the room because of it, and see that the person you're teaching suddenly understands something or feels it's true or commits to change. This one investigator we have described the process to us, that he has slowly been adjusting the knob on his radio and more and more frequently he is receiving the message, he just needs to keep narrowing down until he finds the balance, the point where his needle is at the right spot to get what God is trying to tell him. Isn't there a conference talk about this? I thought it was a good description. Not that the message isn't being broadcast, we just need to mess with our knobs a little until we are at the right spot.
Sorry I'll write a more interesting letter next week

Oh I got to do a fun baptismal interview this week. This lady who is one of my English students, she is super funny, just a crazy old lady, but she is a famous flower arranger and makes all her own really over-the-top clothes and fancy hats, and used to date the president of Taiwan (she does have pictures, I made her prove it). And she says she is tired of focusing on men who have problems and wants to make Jesus the center of her life now. Good reason to get baptized? Actually her testimony is better than that. But that is probably a significant part of it. I just want to send you a picture cause she makes me laugh. The other pictures are from our last pday, went to eat and stuff with a bunch of members. I hear my teddy bear might be from a movie or something? I don't know, I don't watch those anymore.
I love you! 
 Elder Braithwaite

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