Sunday, September 16, 2012


Good stuff this week. Had a lot of fun with elder Davidson. Last week
together. President told me I will be training again. I'll be honest,
first reaction was not super excited, mostly because the training
program the church has for missionaries now means you stay in your
apartment doing studies until noon. So that is what I have done for
the last 3 months. It is rough, to sit for that long, and also to have
that big chunk taken out of proselyting time. And since I am going to
train again I will probably be inside till noon for another solid 3

But then I decided to be excited about having another baby. So now I
am. I feel like controlling my attitude towards things is one skill I
am developing on my mission. So I will get the new comp later this
week, still don't know who he is.

A lot of people here are talking about some thing with Japan and China
and some islands. And we got letters from the church telling us that
we need to be careful because many Muslim countries are angry about
the US and some ambassadors were attacked. But I would just like to
point out, when you start talking about current events to a missionary
you need to remember we have no connection to the real world, no
source of news. Even the letters from the church assumed that we
already knew what they were talking about. So if you want to update me
on current events that would be fine, just be sure to add adaquate
background information so I get it.

Things have been great. We were able to get out and do a lot of solid
work. Had some pretty fun lessons. Found this guy who recently lost
his job, is doing fine financially but is totally looking for God and
is willing to spend his time meeting with us and coming to church.
Another young guy who sells houses and wants to learn about Jesus, and
is just loving everything we teach, he soaks it all up, and has been
to church for the last two weeks consecutively. These awesome
investigators are just coming really easily right now. When Heavenly
Father decides to bless he just does, and your job is just to be
grateful and then show that by staying obedient.

We should have a baptism in the following weeks, our new convert's
(that basketball player one) little brother, he is super good. He is
only fifteen, but he loves the gospel, feels a lot of stress from
school and sports and stuff and has learned to find comfort from the
scriptures, reads 5 or 6 pages a day, which is definitely not what I
did for fun as at 15. So I respect him. There are so many great people
out here.

One thing that stood out to me was some dinner appointments we had
with members. One family that has 6 kids, which is real big for
Taiwan. And then this other girl, about my age, who is going to the
Salt Lake Temple Square mission soonish, was talking to me about going
to China and visiting her dad there who owns some factories and almost
never comes home, and how she met a lot of families over there that
are members but have no church support really because they are the
only members in their city, so they just sort of become their own
little branch and still do their best to have Sunday meetings and
stuff. And I was just so impressed with these strong, faithful
families in this part of the world, who are choosing to be associated
with Christ's church despite these difficulties. How alone would you
feel if you were the only mormon familiy in a Chinese city of however
many million? I feel like the church just has so much support in the
US and specifically Utah, how can so many people still get lazy or
become inactive? But then, sacrifice is a law of the gospel and always
has been. So maybe as soon as we stop actually sacrificing for our
faith, it starts to weaken. I think a lot of the members here are so
strong specifically because of the amount they sacrifice to be who
they are. Just a cool example to me. Maybe learning how to really
sacrifice for what you believe, despite your possibly comfortable
circumstances, is a key to enduring to the end.

We went to this cool old Japanese gold mining town in the mountains by
the coast last p day. Sme nice pictures. I feel like this country is really photogenic.



           Also brought Barney my bear.

Also, fun food for the week was pig brain. In soup form. A little
bitter. I feel like I am running out of odd things to try, if you can
think of anything I haven't eaten yet let me know.

I love you all. Sorry I didn't have anything cool to share this week,
hopefully next week will have some more interesting news.

Elder Braithwaite


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