Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope eveything is happy for you in Boston. I love you!
Good stuff this week. I am excited for training again, Elder Davidson is gone, new companion is Elder Kattelman, from Farmington. He is taller than me and real blonde, so we will continue to stick out badly. He is a great guy, very different from my first son. Elder Davidson is the kind of guy who is great, probably got C's in school and was satisfied, had a really rough time with Chinese but had the biggest heart ever and touched so many people. Just always laughing. A great elder, really odd personality. Elder Kattelman is a lot different, his Chinese is already pretty good, seems a lot more normal, a typical hard working smart guy. So should be good. 

Other changes, they cut my area in half and added two more elders in this chunk of the city. Which is great, because more elders will mean more people hearing the gospel. But also sad because now I lose that part of the city to work in, and also have to give them some investigators who lived over there, including Brother Su who I love so much, and he will be getting baptized relatively soon. I have loved teaching that guy from the beginning. But hey, as long as someone gets him baptized, he is great and all the work is for the Lord anyway, regardless of who does it. The more awkward part about this is that they have crammed us all in one apartment, with two beds and two chairs and two desks and two clothing racks for the four of us. So I have been sleeping on the ground for now. It has been fun though. 

Everything is great. I am loving it all. I am always real happy with how hard we are working and how hard everyone in this area is working. Makes me really happy, because everyone is seeing success right now. We should continue to have a lot of success here. 

I am drawing a blank on everything that happened this week.
This Monday my friend from Taoyuan, Brother You who got baptized while I was there, came and took us out to some cool places, he has a car so we got to go see some stuff we wouldn't normally get a chance to see. It is super fun to see new converts and know that they are still active. I took Barney again. Some more cool pictures of stuff. Getting ready for rainy fall and winter to come. 
Thanks for everything you do! I love you! 
Elder Braithwaite


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