Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is so happy to talk to you again. This week was so good. I am so happy. Good that you are all happy also. 
I did get the package, thank you. The decorations have been applied. Hey also do you have the charger for the translator too? Oh and don't worry we got beds. Yay!
Hey you knew it was mid autumn festival! Yes we were given a lot of those moon cakes by members, they are good. That is a sweet story, about that guy. For the holiday our investigator invited us over to his apartment and then we had a bbq on his roof and I got some really cool pictures of the city at night because we were like 20 stories up. I'll send pictures next week. And then everyone sings really awful karaoke in the parks and that made contacting fun. Also, stoked to hear about Lydia's call, she is a good friend -- thanks for telling me. If you ever meet any of my friends, tell them I apologize for never writing letters back. 

Elder Kattelman is a great guy. We went and visited our investigator on one of his first days, and this guy gives us each a bowl with a big old fish head in it and tells us its a specialty he made for us. It was special, I actually enjoyed it, and was grateful my companion got it all down without trouble. It is truly surprising how much of a fish head is edible, you go at it with chopsticks and pullout every bit that is soft enough to swallow like skin and eyes and all, and in the end there is really almost nothing left, just a few small bones. Anyway, We are seeing a lot of success. Had a bunch of investigators at church which was awesome. Plus all of our new members have been coming too. We have a solid teaching pool, and are seeing a lot of these people progressing. Hoping to continue having baptisms. Every area of the work seems to be going pretty well right now. 

The only problem right now is our 15 year old investigator. He is super good at basketball and really wants to do well -- his older brother is that guy who plays for his college and just got baptized. And so his team now has practice on Sunday mornings, and he has to choose between that and church. Basically this is a solid test of faith, so we are praying that he will make the right decision in the end. He wants to get baptized like his bro and obey the commandments, its just going to be a sacrifice. So keep him in your prayers. If he can make the right choice, he's going in the font, so salvation is hanging on this decision. No pressure. 

I have been so happy lately and really believe we are working through the spirit here. Mostly we have been focusing on finding families and praying for families. This is kind of weak point for me. Which means going for the maternal contact. Honestly, I have always been bad at contacting moms and stuff because usually they seem really suspicious and scared of me when I talk to them, which I am sure is due to my absolute foreignness in every aspect and I don't blame them for thinking they need to protect their small children. So that makes me feel sad. But this week we saw some success in finding some moms/families who might have interest. We'll see. 

It is such a privilege to ask the Lord every day what he wants me to do and then to get to try my best to do it. What a good habit to form. I am so far from perfect but I have learned that God doesn't really care, as long as I am trying. So we are being blessed here despite Elder Braithwaite's imperfections. Thank the Lord. 

And I want to give a little picture tribute to Elder Davidson, because I liked him and am sad he is gone, mostly because he is a super weird guy but he taught me so much about loving people. But he is odd. Goodbye son number 1. So here are a couple pictures from our summer here in Yonghe. 

I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Braithwaite

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