Sunday, October 21, 2012


Good week. I had fun. It's only been a few days though.
This week some stuff I should tell you is that we have two investigators that will be baptized. Hooray! One is Brother 蘇 who is that guy that got married and I sent you pictures. He is super great and it was a blast to work with him. Because of new elders coming here, they got to finish up teaching him, so there was a team effort on this one. The other is Brother 吳. He is perfect, which is probably why I haven't mentioned him. We found him last month and he is one of those people who just loves the gospel, he just wanted it. Truly prepared to receive it. Super great guy, super happy, a lot of faith. Each time we shared a commandment he just accepted without question. We asked why and his answer was always "Because God is right". Plus he is buff. I feel like having been able to teach him and be his friend was just a privilege Heavenly Father gave us, that we really didn't do anything at all. Just a reminder to me that God will give the Spirit and faith to anyone who really wants to find it.

Ya I have felt really blessed lately. I love being here. We are working hard and feeling the Spirit and seeing miracles. Like we knocked on one door and this youngish couple let us in and they were friendly and open and willing to learn more. Except they had this big dog that peed all over when it saw us and made a mess that the wife spent five minutes cleaning up, which was not an ideal first impression. And then we sat down and I showed them some family pictures, including the one of Ashley and the kids and this woman just loved that picture, looked at it for so long. And as we talked we found out that they really wanted to have kids and were trying but no success. Sad, and this woman is in her 30s so seeing 30 year old Ashley with 6 kids made her sad I think, and at the same time was likely the reason (or a main one) they invited us to come back. So many people see that picture and think, this is the kind of family I want, they look so happy. I showed the same picture to this one man, and afterwards we were talking about his faith and he says "I have seen God". So I was surprised and ask when that was and he said he just saw Him in that family picture, that there is no way that family could look so genuinely happy unless they had God with them. He has a point. So I just wanted to thank Ashley and the kids, their family picture is honestly one of the powerful tools for missionary work. Something about little kids just gets people to feel the spirit, to feel that there is something different here. So thank you all for being such tools.

That is all I got for now. Thank you so much for all you do! I love you! Mom, I have a friend coming into the MTC this week headed to the Salt Lake Temple, she is a Sister in the ward here, I might give her something to give to you if I can find something to give to you, so watch for her when you volunteer. That is all.

Elder Braithwaite

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