Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Sorry no letter Monday, pday is really today which is because we get to go to the temple! So that is fun. Always fun to do that. Can I still go in Chinese at home? Won't be the same anyway but it is interesting to see what different things you get out of it.
Conference was great huh. Not surprised. Love hearing so much great direction. We got a bunch of investigators to come listen and this less active mom that we ran into on the street came to church for the first time in a long time too. I loved what President Monson shared. There is so much more I can be doing to get the will of the Lord accomplished. I believe if we care about receiving direction and being able to help others, God will help us and allow us to do so, we will be an instrument in his hands. Actually I like the Chinese translation of that, the word the scriptures use really means "tool" in a more normal sense, which makes me think of like a hammer or something more blunt and awkward than a surgical instrument or something. Which I feel fits me better. President Monson can be an instrument, right now I just want to be a tool. A big tool.
This week I got to feel like that a little. One day my companion and I prayed to know where to go, and as we prayed we both got some inspiration. My companion said he didn't know where we should go but he had a feeling we needed to talk to someone sad and alone. I didn't get that but I really did have a view of this one street corner and felt we should go there. Team revelation! So we did and right at the spot I had felt to go was a lady, sitting on a bench by herself just like he had thought of. We started talking and I asked how she was feeling and she just smiled sadly and said "what do you think?". So we talked for about 10 minutes, about all her family troubles and about God and how he wants to help. And the spirit was there. And we invited her to just give it a try, and she said no, and then she just left, she said she couldn't try to learn more right now. And I was thinking about that. I have no doubt that we were led directly to that mom. Can you measure following the spirit? I know we did, and the tangible results were zero. But with God you never really know what you're accomplishing for him, you probably never will in this life, but the job is just to really try so hard to know what he wants you to do and then do it happily and with love and without doubt. I have learned to love that feeling. I know I was a complete tool.
Things are great with the comp, we are having fun. He is a good guy and we are a lot alike. I have been blessed on my mission, I feel that I have had very few companion problems, not that I haven't had some harder ones but never anything we couldn't work through. More and more people keep saying he looks like the witch from Narnia. Probably just because he is pale and has blonde hair and blue eyes. And I keep getting Christian Bale. I don't see it, but for some reason Taiwanese people all do. I have just started answering by telling them they look like Jackie Chan. They take me seriously though so its funny.
I hope my companion's mom still blog stalks me. This is a little odd, but on our first day together Elder Kattelman said he had actually heard of me because, when he was in the MTC, his mom found a bunch of Taiwanese missionaries blogs and printed off their letter from their first week in Taiwan and sent it to him. Coincidence? Your son is great, Sister Kattelman!
We met with Brother Zhang. He is cool, he likes motorcycles and the band Boston, which are not common for Taiwanese. And he met with us last week and just really wants direction in his life. Just got done with his military service and college is over and he is sick of playing around and having no direction. After we met, he stuck around for a baptism our ward was having, and we were like "its Saturday, don't you have plans?" and he said he planned to go drinking with his friends but this seems like it had more meaning. So great, some people really are just looking for this. So we have been meeting for the past week and had some awesome lessons. But he goes to China today, hopefully not forever but you never know. I am sick of China stealing my investigators. If he does comes back I have no doubt he will get baptized.
Things are all great here. Thanks for all you do. I love you all so much! These pictures are from where we went hiking last p day. Another really pretty day. We get those a lot here.
Elder Braithwaite


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