Sunday, November 18, 2012

Glad everything is going well. This week went really quick. Every week goes really quick, but this time I feel like it was about a day ago that I was writing.
We had a fun meeting this week, learning about the Book of Mormon. Our mission president gave us lots of warnings about how Satan will attack our families to get us discouraged and stop the work. So watch out I guess... Kind of joking, but not completely, be careful. Mostly it just made me feel really bad for never writing you real letters. We'll see if I can do that today.
Well, my mind is blank. I don't remember what went on this week too much. I do remember that this week, I was so happy.  That investigator who we taught the Word of Wisdom to two weeks ago has still not smoked, about 14 days now. Went from 2 packs a day to none and has kept it up. Still working with his boss about having some time on Sunday for church. It is amazing to me, but true that in this country I think the number one problem I have run into with investigators is time. They get too busy with work, 7 days a week and can never come to church. Or can't continue to find 30 minutes a week to meet with us, because they are always working or at school. It happens so often, I am just reminded about how vital it is to truly sacrifice our time in order to do the most important things. But so many people just can't let go of what they see as most vital and believe us that if they spend more time on God, spiritual things, and family, they will be so much happier than if they work all the time and make some more money. But money is the real god here, it really is, it is everyone's goal, and an unnerving amount of people will honestly answer me that it is the most important thing in their life when I ask. And if I try to discuss with them that life might actually have more to it than that, they just smile and won't be convinced. Sad. That is my rant for today. Obviously this isn't everyone, but it is too many people. I'm so grateful I don't have that sort of outlook on life.
Having a lot of fun teaching the little kids English class.  That is my and elder Kattelman's responsibility in our weekly English class for now. I have taught the kids class in the past, but it has always been bad. So far we have done okay, just realized how much more difficult this is for me. Probably something I need to learn though. If you can think of any fun English learning games or something, let me know. Desperate for ideas.
The sister missionaries in my district had some problems this week. Some completely out of their control, like health stuff, which is fine, but others that were just dumb, like fights in the companionship. Sometimes I am grateful that I get two years away from interactions with girls, more or less. Not that sister missionaries aren't great, they are. Super awesome. Just sometimes more needy. Sorry, I guess this is really vague. Whatever.
Oh this was funny, last week for p day we had nothing to do so Elder Kattelman and I just did a ton of push ups, and when we were completely exhausted decided to try the Rocky thing and chug some raw eggs. I got them down, but he threw them up, probably more because of tiredness and not raw eggs being gross. But also that too.
I have just really felt a strong love for all these people I work with lately. It is amazing how much you can care about someone when you teach them the gospel. All of sudden this stranger becomes such a central focus of your life. For them, we are just a couple of guys that they meet with sometimes. Honestly, it would probably creep some people out if they knew how much we thought about them, prayed about them, loved them. I guess the ones who don't get creeped out get converted. It is hard to describe, but I have been feeling such a strong desire to help these people and always feel so unable to do so. I know I should be feeling more adequate as a missionary as I get more experienced, but I almost feel like the opposite is true.
Well, that is enough rambling for the week. Thank you for all the support you give me. I love you all so much. I am so much more certain of the importance of families now, so I hope you know I love and pray for you all as much as I do for my investigators.
Elder Braithwaite

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