Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good week!
Brother Su got Baptized! That guy whose wedding we went to. It was a super great service. Elder Davidson and I were able to start teaching him back in August, and with the switch last transfer some other
elders got to finish up the teaching, but it was cool because Elder D got to come back for the service, so it was fun to see him again. Really awesome overall.

Here I am feeling that I didn't actually do much. Some of the times teaching him were really powerful spiritual experiences, but in the end conversion, if it is real, can't come from anyone but God. That is why I always feel that I do so little.

Here is what was said after he got dunked. He was a man who had no clue what anyone was talking about when discussing spiritual things, it just sounded stupid to him. His girlfriend would talk to him about
her feelings and it made no sense. And for years it was like this and for years she just prayed and fasted for him. He would come to church frequently but no real feelings. But slowly things started working
out. I think I have written before about how he felt his radio was slowly tuning in to the right station. So she invited us over to start the lessons again, and this time he just got the Spirit, he just understood. Other missionaries have done this before but this time was different. He feels like he is the lamb that just walks with its head down and doesn't get that he is lost from the flock, and now he has looked up and is headed back.

So he and his now wife are preparing to get the temple marriage and go on a senior mission. I just think about all the change that he has gone through and it makes me believe that anyone can find God when
they look, as long as they have enough patience. Someday things will just click in the heart. Just really respect the people in this story who had the faith to keep waiting and hoping. The whole ward was
behind this one.

And here is one thing that I loved: When he was fifteen back in the 70's he remembers looking out his window and watching two white guys knocking every door on a summer afternoon, no clue what they were
doing. When they got to his, he invited them in for water, and they shared about a weird book he hadn't heard of and Jesus Christ, in Chinese he could barely understand. Although they talked for a while,
he didn't really set up a time for them to come back, and that was the last time they met.
So I was just thinking about how many experiences I have had that are exactly the same as that. Talking to a kid on the street or sitting down with a family and it appears to lead to nothing. I wonder where
those missionaries are now. Probably stake presidents in Idaho or something. Have no idea that the kid they sat down with one summer, one kid of thousands probably, ended up making it in the end. God has
His way to get stuff done and we all play some part if we want, but only if we want. Just little tiny parts though, but the finished product isn't tiny.

Congrats, Valeria, or Sister 趙 I guess, for getting called to the best mission ever. Be excited to come play your part here. Its a great feeling.

I am loving it. We frequently skip out on meal time to get in more work. It is a blast and I feel like more than ever before I am just trying to do exactly what the Lord wants. I don't really care what results I see anymore, I just love teaching the gospel. There is nothing more fun.

Halloween came, little happened here. I ate pig feet, which is secretly just fat and grisle, it could be any part of the pig for all I know, they just told me it was a foot.

                My companion and I carved  passionfruit in the lack of pumpkins. 

Love you all
Elder Braithwaite

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