Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good news is I love my new companion. He teaches me stuff like how to make fried rice and some teas. Also helping me learn a little Taiwanese, which is fun. But we still don't have many investigators.
But this week we got one who is awesome! He is this 15 year old kid that was contacted on the street a long time ago, forgotton about, then re-found and started being taught by some other missionaries and then they turned him over to us because he lives in our part of the city. Brother Ren. He really wants to get baptized and be a part of this church, just really sure of what he wants. His parents encourage him. Willing to find time to meet as often as we want to, and loves to learn. Came to church and already fits in great with the young men in the ward. It is just a really big miracle, at this rate he will probably be baptized in a few weeks.
Other miracle from this week: A year+ ago when I was in Neihu on my second transfer thinking that me and Elder Chen were having no success, we started meeting with this man, and he was super cool but then 2 weeks later we both got transferred and the area shut down, so he wasn't able to keep learning. Later elders got put back in, and started teaching him again, and it has taken a long time and lots of different missionaries (including current comp Elder Lin) but he has finally accepted the gospel and will be getting baptized on Saturday. Just thinking about how cool it is that over a year later and with a lot of teamwork, this man is ready, cool to see that my time there was not wasted even though I was only a small part in this process. President might let us go to Taipei and attend the service since we both taught him.
Another miracle from a previous area: Heard news that the super golden guy me and Elder Kattelman found in Yonghe, Brother Zhang, who was absolutely amazing and wanted to change his life and find meaning and understand God and everything you would hope an investigator would want, but then disappeared to China, finally came back and recontacted Elder Kattelman and his new companion, and wants to get baptized. And durning the two months he spent in China he thought a lot, and made changes and felt he needed to quit smoking, and did it. So he is now progressing again and I think it will be only a few weeks. Once again, feel humbled and blessed to play my small part in these stories. It amazes me how people are changed by the spirit and prepared for the gospel.
I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese this week, started the New Testament. The Chinese bible is a lot harder to understand than the Book of Mormon, we'll see how it goes.
This area has still been the biggest challenge of an area yet for me. We pretty much have 4 city blocks to work with, it is tiny. But this week we have 1 investigator, and that is very different from 0. And I know soon things will be much better. The zone overall is doing awesome.
Oh last: I got a letter this week from someone letting my know about a lot of the girls I knew from high school who now have mission calls. Awesome. I love communication and knowing stuff, and also sister missionaries, and especially all my friends going on missions because I know what an amazing experience they are going to have. It just made me really excited for them, and also sad about how little time I have left. But also I will have no friends when I get home.
I love you family. Talk to you soon!
Elder Braithwaite

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