Sunday, December 16, 2012


Weird week. Super sad to leave all those people in Yonghe. 7 months of stuff done with. Just feels odd to be gone. No more Taipei.

Sad people saying goodbye to me. Very sad. Lots of tears (on their part, not mine obvioiusly). One member had us over for dinner and sang me that song in English. I forget. "One hundred miles, one hundred miles, one hundred miles, one hundred miles, -something- I'm still one hundred miles away from home." Something like that. It is old. Anyway it was super touching and also funny. I realized how much a blessing it is to make all these great friends.

And weird to be here in Taoyuan again. I moved back. Not back to Nankan, my old area north of Taoyuan city. Now I am in the middle of the city. I am the same ward as I was before though, which is great because I love this ward. What I love most of all is seeing my new converts. Yes, the people I previously loved and taught and baptized when I was here last time are all still ACTIVE. Very much so. Brother You and Hong and Chen are all now Melchezidek preisthood holders. Best Christmas present ever.

President did not pay attention to the clear direction I gave him to let me continue training until the end of my mission. I don't know why he doesn't listen to me. Instead I am a zone leader, which is not what I wanted because that just means you have to do a bunch of stuff. However, Taoyuan is a great place to be because this zone has a fun mixture of big city and really rural areas. It will be real fun, I hope. We'll see if they like my methods.

New companion is Elder Lin. He is Taiwanese. He is really great, but also pretty odd. Very full of fire and really funny, we have had a ton of fun together so far. His English is not too good at all.

The thing is Elder Lin has 6 weeks left, and the elder I replaced just went home, so this area has been full of missionaries that have not really been serving with all their heart. Great missionaries though! But this is by his own confession. First day we sit down to plan and he says "I'll be honest with you, we have 0 investigators right now. My bad". I am super excited though because he is totally repenting and we have worked really hard and are already seeing the blessings come. It may take some time until we have any results but no point in worrying. Challenges are fun. I love the city and my life and being back in my home from before. Me and Elder Lin have been laughing and reveling in our days of full street contacting and it has been great. And finally I have a Taiwanese companion who likes to cook and is willing to teach me some stuff so maybe I will learn.

I just realized, all my friends are getting home from their missions. Didn't Matt give his homecoming yesterday? Or I guess today for you. That is weird.

Well I got nothing else to report. I will miss Elder Kattelman. Son #2. What a great guy. One of the best. He will take good care of the heart of Taipei for me. Here are some of our pictures together from the last while. Merry Christmas.

I sent a Christmas package home but it will be late.

I love you all!

Elder Braithwaite

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