Sunday, December 30, 2012

What to write. I don't remember what I actually talked to you about on the phone now. Christmas was great, had a mission talent show and I performed with my companion and another elder.  Everyone thought our song was hilarious. I will show you the video someday but you wont get it because of language and also because only missionaries will think it is funny.
Christmas night I got to take a bus out of the city into Longtan by the mountains for exchanges there with Elder Wang. It was so fun to get somewhere rural again, and I saw stars for the first time in about 8 months, because you don,t see them when you are in Taipei, or in my area now. Took a few minutes and looked.
Got to spend a good part of Saturday taking a train to and from Taipei and playing there with our investigator, plus his mom. We went to see the temple and do a tour, it was really great and now the mom is way more aware of our church and is willing to meet with us along with her son. Big miracle.
Our area is still not doing well at all, still almost no investigators, but we did get to meet with this awesome family, contacted on the street and their two year old daughter is super cute. Have hopes there.
Things are still fun with Elder Lin. He continues to make me food and tea because he is super nice. He is also very excited to go home in a month, but for the most part is still able to focus and work hard. 
I really love being here. Really just love doing this, the feeling is so great and Elder Lin and I are just happy. Time goes super fast. Trying to work my hardest. I love you. It was great to talk to you!
Elder Braithwaite

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