Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Not much time. Things are still improving (slowly) in our area. Elder Lin is still pretty aware that he is going home in two weeks, but we are having fun. He also got T- boned by a scooter but no injury. Going to the temple in an hour or so.

Met this one guy and he was willing to meet with us because he had just recently seen the "Life of Pi" movie and decided he needed to find God and figured meeting us was a sign. It is fun how God sets things up like that.

I have been feeling extra grateful lately, for more stuff than normal. I realized how God doesn't really want to bless you if you think you deserve it. There is a connection between repentance and recognition of your unworthiness with your ability to receive what God wants to give you.
Hopefully I am making some good changes in myself.

Thanks for the letters and pictures and stuff. It is cool that all my friends are home. Tell them I love them, because the odds of me writing them are low. My life is probably way better than theirs right now. Matt's little sister should get here the transfer I leave, which means we would see each other for one day, that would be fun.

I love you all so much! Being a missionary is the best. Thanks for being such a great family.

Elder Braithwaite

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