Sunday, January 20, 2013


Thanks for the update. The book sounds good. I am not able to read it now though, but if you send it to me I could give it to my president, he would probably like things like that. 

Good week. I had fun. We are finally seeing the area pick up some momentum. Finally seeing real progress! 7 of our investigators came to church, including this one family, this is cool. The mom is from a Buddhist family, met missionaries and was converted at about 17 years old here in Taoyuan. She later served as a missionary, and later moved to America and became inactive. Married a man from Minnesota who was born in a Catholic family but converted to Buddhism at about 17, and they had a son. They just moved here about 2 years ago, and missionaries contacted the husband on the street. He and his son don't speak Chinese. He invited them over but no progress was made then. We recently went over to visit again and they are super duper friendly to us and the dad and son came to church this week. It was fun to have some other white people at church. 

I will miss Elder Lin a lot. He has four days left now. We had a great experiment with cooking this week. Neither one of us had ever tried it and Elder Lin loves to cook, and the opportunity presented itself, so we bought and cooked a full set of bull reproductive organs. Probably won't send pictures in order to maintain the spirit of this email. After cooking and trying it we realized it was not very delicious, so we chopped it all up so it wasn't so obvious and made it into a soup and fed big bags of it to several member families and missionaries. Didn't tell them what it was, until later. A lot of them called and wanted to know why the meat in the soup was so rubbery. Luckily everyone just laughed when we told them, I think that is proof that we have good relationships with the members in this ward if we can get away with something like that. 

I love you all. I have been trying to make it through the New Testament in Chinese, which is written in harder to understand old Chinese, but I am realizing that reading it slower is helping me envision it a lot more. Just really thinking about the humanness of the Savior this week, about how he was still a man, was still human. Had a few times this week where I was cold and soaking wet in the rain trying to talk to people and just remembered this, and felt the biggest desire to just be giving more. It is hard to know how to give more sometimes, but I believe its always possible. 

I am happy. I did a baptismal interview this week for a man who has completely changed his life around. He shared with me his story, when he first started meeting the missionaries all his work friends made fun of him for the changes, like not drinking with them. But they have seen how slowly making these changes in his life has made him kinder, happier, healthier, just better overall. Now no one makes fun of him.  Instead several of them want to start coming to church with him. Just one more reminder that the most powerful way to spread the gospel is through your example. 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Braithwaite

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