Sunday, January 27, 2013

It was a really packed week. Got rid of Elder Lin, he is now home in Jiayi. I will miss him, there are very few missionaries that are really the same as him. It was super weird being with a missionary on their last few days, we worked hard but it just felt weird. My new companion is Elder Andersen, who is really smart and we get along great. He also happens to be going home in three months, I guess President wants to keep me with the elders who are on their way out. But it seems like he has a real desire to work up to the end. Things will be good, I will learn a lot from him. 

We will be having a baptism this week! Brother Ren. He is 16 and was contacted on the street. He just wanted to make church a part of his life. He says he never felt like he really got anything or learned anything out of his family's Daoism traditions but he loves the feeling and the learning at church. Just wanted a belief that helped him grow. I am glad he is a thoughtful, smart 16 year old who ponders about this stuff, I probably didn't at that age. We were going to baptize him at a waterfall that the young men will be hiking to on Saturday, but decided not to so the ward could attend. His dad will be coming home from his work in China for Chinese New Year, so he can attend the service which is awesome. I love supportive families. This is such a miracle that he has met the church and progressed so fast, this has all happened over the past 5 weeks. Hopefully someday his family will follow, his mom took us out to eat this week and is really friendly to us. 

Other than that this week was super busy.Trains to Zhubei and Zhongli and Taibei twice and a bus ride to Longtan and it seemed like all our time was just gone. The zone is having a lot of baptismal interviews which is good. I want to teach a family. Elder Andersen does too. We believe it will happen. Still working hard. I think one of the scariest scriptures is the parable of the talents, I have really been trying to decide if my development as a missionary has had an actual increase or if I have just sort of stayed "pretty good". Saw a bunch of good friends go home this week and just made me anxious about how little time I have left. 

I will fast for Keith with you. I am sure everything will work out. It sounds like you are all doing great. Thanks for keeping me updated. 

I love you all!
Elder Braithwaite

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