Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love you family! Happy Birthday Ashley! People are always still shocked by the fact that you have so many children at your age, so I hope that helps you know that you aren't old yet. Thanks for sending me the class schedule, Mom. Go ahead and do Chinese instead of music. Whatever works is fine, it sounds great, I am not too worried about it. Thanks for taking care of all that for me. Dad, you can tell that friend of yours that I would be interested, it sounds like a great oppotunity.   
Taiwan is great. Missionary is great. This week we had Elder Evans, the Director of the Missionary Department, come speak to us. Very cool. I learned that I should be more humble. I also learned that President Watson, in the Asia Area Presidency, knows us. He was at the meeting too and he stopped me and asked, "Who is your Dad" and I said Doug and he said he knows you and is from Cedar City, and he knows Grandma and Royden, and "Coach Wilbur", and was friends with Karl growing up. He is a very friendly guy and it was weird to have this connection to home and Manti and Cedar, just odd, but it was nice to remember family. You should look him up.
In his talk to us he discussed a lot of things, but specifically about the doctrine of the Lord making up the rest, with regards to our responsibilities. We have the work he has given us, whether our families or missionary work, and we have to do our best to fulfill these responsibilities, but we often won't do all we wish we could. Christ will make up for it all. I think he was trying to tell me to quit stressing so much about the areas I feel very fail in. Good reminder.
And I was still dealing with all these personal inadaquacies and doubts and stuff, just kind of not feeling very full of faith. And was walking back to the subway in Taipei and met Grandma Jeen, in Taiwanese form. She stopped and talked to us. Just reminded me so much of her, super genuinely happy and radiating niceness. She started talking to me and my companion and forced us to let her buy us some street food and eat it with her. One of the happiest old ladies I have met. She loves missionaries so much, she met them when she was in college and they changed her life. She converted her husband and they were pretty much pioneers in Taiwan, helping as leaders of the branches back when there were no members. She rode the subway with us and we waited at the bus station with her and just talked for an hour. I realized, the gospel has absolutely shaped this woman and her whole life and her whole family, and has made her so happy. She now lives in China, was just here visiting. She has to travel 6 hours round trip to attend her branch of 10 members each Sunday. I was just so impressed with her love and dedication. And I felt so bad for ever doubting that what I am doing has real effects.
Our investigator that is awesome, and is become so converted, Brother Wang, found out this week that his parents won't let him get baptized. We were planning on doing it this week. He is sad, but I am sure the Lord will provide a way in the end. This work doesn't fail. However, we are continuing to see success in many areas, we are working hard.
I love the work and I love being here. There is nothing I would rather do. Thank you for all the support. I wish I had more time, will write more next week maybe. Love you!
Elder Braithwaite

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