Sunday, February 17, 2013

It sounds like everyone is happy! Congratulations Travis! Also Katelyn!
Great week. Chinese new years is now over. Not nearly as out of control as last year, in Taidong. Fireworks but nothing too weird. Last Monday we did drive with some members to this rural city south of here where there were a ton of people. Our lobster fisherman friend from New Brunswick (not Nova Scotia) came too. He may not progress as an investigator but is a buddy. Ate lots of stuff with members. Most of our investigators were gone for the week so not too much to talk about this week. One of those weeks that feels like we were busy but didn't really get much done.
Tired. I feel like remembering this week is hard. But I liked it, I remember that. Had a couple cool experiences following the spirit. Trying to continue to repent, realizing how difficult it is to even do the really simple, basic aspects of the gospel the right way, like prayer and scripture study. Things can be done, and then they can be done right, and I am trying to do them right.
We are still seeing a lot of progress here. Brother Ren has been really active since his baptism. His mom decided this week that she will stick with Taoism, doesn't really want to learn about the church for herself, which was sad, but I feel that someday she will follow her son. Several people are preparing for baptism in maybe a month or so. Seeing the difference between this area now, with real progressing investigators, and 8 weeks ago with no investigators of any kind, is really cool for me. So far this is maybe the area where I have felt the biggest change and sense of accomplishment. Still a lot to do though. My companion has been really blunt with the ward about some things that need to change. We are making plans, member work is our next goal. Always the hardest part of the work I think.
I am still not really sure about a lot of things, just trying to figure out how to be a good missionary. Still just want to really help someone. Grateful to be here. Feel like I could be doing more to help the zone members sometimes, some stuggling missionaries need saving. We are all just 20 year old kids. In the end ,it is a miracle this whole system works out at all. But still so happy. We will keep following the spirit.
I love being here. I love Jesus and the gospel. I love you family.
Sorry this letter was lame, I will pay more attention next week.
Tell Matt and Patrick I am willing to live with them if they promise to be nice to me. It will be weird to go back to being the shortest guy in the room instead of a head taller than everyone. Oh well. Let me know about how school registration goes.
Oh thanks for the inflatable moose head! Now everyone knows my mom is the coolest. We hung it up.
Elder Braithwaite
The picture is at the market we went to during new years. That bear is a great contacting tool. Everyone looks at me and most girls want to stop and talk/take pictures and know why I am here. Success.

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  1. Hello, my name is Kimberly Thornley. I have recently received my mission call to Taipei Taiwan and will be leaving June 26th! I had been looking online for blogs from other missionaries there so I could have an idea of what to expect- this is exactly what I was hoping to find! I wanted to thank the Elderfir his posts they have helped me become even more excited to ent e field!! I pray all is well with this Elder and thank you again for your testimony!
    - Sister Kimberlyi Thornley