Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh man I feel like I was just here. Tired of weeks going this fast.
Update: Those investigators without parental permission still don't have support. They do have faith though, and that is more important. We decided we need some investigators that are not minors.
We continue to work hard, our area continue to see changes. Didn't have the best week, but still happy. Saw some miracles.
We teaching a brother 張 who is great. This man very humble, and has been prepare. As we talk about the restoration, he tell us how he always believing in the bible, but he also is always believing the world need something else, like sort of second record, to help convince people that Jesus is the Christ. When we share about both book of Mormon and about the modern revelation, he is very excited.
We also teach a other man, 石. He very has faith. Also, he feel the Holy Spirit very much. After we're pray, he tell us that the light is all around him, that he feel like there are a language, not Chinese and also not English, that teach him the things God want him to learn. We very much hope he continue to progress.
This week I get chance to return to my old area, 南崁. Very good opportunity, very much a fun time to see the place I before go to. I give call to my old investigators, and they remember still! I will be friends for all life with these friends.
This week at Sunday morning, we have feel to go to the park. We also feel that we need to find the family. We see and stop and talk to the girl, and she still remember that when she is little the missionary come to visit her family, but now she is in 20's. We talk, and say she want to learn again. Then, her boyfriend come to talk too, they both are very nice, and they both are having the interest. Big miracle, we know that it is the Holy Ghost that tell us to go, and when, and I grateful I can be tool in God's hand.
Oh this week I hear the 永和 missionaries tell me that at Saturday, the mom that elder Davidson and me begin to teaching back in August is baptized this week. Yay, 8+ months after, and through 4 sets of missionaries. So very happy to hear. God never give up on the investigator.
Thank you very much for to tell me the message of the family. You all are happy, so I also am happy. Sorry this week email is not long, but I write it in my best English, so I am hope that you are still finding the interesting.
I love you,
Elder Braithwaite

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