Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sounds like all is well at home. Thanks for keeping me updated. Yes dad, I will do things with you when I get home. Gladly.
Still raining a lot but it is a lot warmer now. Elder Andersen is gone, he did well until the end. His last day was funny, poured torrential rain, no raingear so absolutely soaked, needed some repairs so we rode everywhere looking for a bike shop that wasn't closed (why were they all closed?), just kind of a really great, miserable experience to end his time in Taiwan.  And my new companion is Elder Lin. He is from the south of the island and has only been out for about a year, I am happy to have a "young" companion again, it is different than being with another "old" guy. We will do well here. Elder Lin is funny and has a lot of faith.
I saw Sister Chao,
She gave me the camera and stuff. Thanks! It works, hooray! Talked to her for a few minutes, doesn't seem like much has really changed in the past two years, she seems like the same person and I probably am too. She got sent off to the east coast, an area similar to the one I used to serve in, and she will probably not come back up to Taipei until I leave, and maybe not even then. So probably won't see her again, until she gets home. Still fun to talk to a friend from high school though.
Still having fun being here. I am tired. But happy. Had a big miracle with Brother Wang, one of those 15 year olds whose parents oppose baptism. We have been working with him for a while to get his mom to come to a church activity or something in hopes of softening her heart. This week she came! to a ward dinner thing, came too late for the food but still met members and us, and was willing to let us share a little with her about the church. There is still hope for Brother Wang, it is cool to see how he hasn't given up hope for baptism, and I know it will work out someday.
I am happy to be here, we have been having a lot of struggles and also a lot of success, I have been trying to figure out what I really want to get out of these last few months. Reading my old journals has been insightful, seeing these attitudes and expectations and excitement I had on my first transfer, I feel like Elder Packer's poem about aging. There is so much gained over the course of a mission that I wouldn't trade for anything. Even returning back to the beginning and having that "youth" again.
Found out that my old investigator I started teaching in Taidong will be getting baptized this week, over a year later, he also had family opposition problems and I guess it is just his time, his mom changed her mind even though she is a super Buddhist. I wanted to help him get over those problems then, while I was there. I have been reminded a lot lately that it matters very little what I want, God has his own timing. Great to see His plan working out.
Thanks for all you do. Love you.
Here are pictures of the Du family's baptism from last week, plus Sister Chao and I at the transfer meeting.
Elder Braithwaite


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