Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conference was wonderful. It seems so much shorter on the mission than it did before. Maybe because I am so much more used to meetings.
I am happy to be here. The church is true.
Our investigator will get baptized this week, Brother Li. He is 18 and is probably the investigator I have taught who just gets it more than any other. Specifically the restoration of the gospel, he loves it, the leaders in the ward feel like he is more active than the other priests.
Here is how it went; when he talked to his dad about baptism, his dad was furious, wouldn't even listen, just a flat out no. So we met with Brother Li and said he has to try again, and when he brings it up, just be sure about what he believes and wants, and we prayed and fasted with him. And a few days later he went back and talked to his dad again, and he said he was really bold about it, and his dad was just silent, and thoughtful. And then said, fine, whatever you want.
Family opposition loses.
I don't know why this time was different than the previous three, but I guess it is just in God's plan for Brother Li to receive baptism here and now, he provided the miracle and softened hearts and made it possible. I am so grateful for this.
And the mother that I contacted and gave to the sisters, she and her son will be baptized this Saturday as well, after about 5 weeks of meeting with missionaries. I am so grateful to see this miracle happen and be a part in it. God is so cool, preparing all these people and doing all the work Himself and then letting us play our little part...
So I feel so grateful for so many things recently, especially family. And the Savior.
Well, my return date is July 20th. Still have plenty of time left, hopefully it feels really long. I do love being a missionary. I also love America, I felt reminded of that during conference.
I don't have too much to share. We need to see more miracles in this area. My companion goes home in a week and a half. I will stay, and then I will probably stay again and finish my mission here. Which is great. Last night we had a singles activity at the home of a family, who was baptized about a year and a half ago, right before I served in this ward for the first time. As I looked around the room, not only the family hosting the activity, but 8 out of the 10 people there were baptized within the last two years, and 3 of them I got to teach as investigators. And they are all so active, so involved and so faithful. It just hit me, how much the work is really progressing, how the church really does grow. It is a blessing to come back to this ward again, and see these kind of changes.
Thank you for all you do. Thank you especially for all the good examples.
Elder Braithwaite
 Don't worry about signing me up for the St. George, maybe one of the winter marathons would be good. I actually don't know how good of shape I will be in when I get home, it would be a bother to force that too fast. I would like to do training the right way this time.
If they want to know, we first dropped a bag with our clothes in it in Taipei on p day, left them at a set of elders' apartment that live closest to the mission home. After running to the temple, we walked the one block over to their apartment and showered there. It worked out really smoothly.
The acid rain is what taiwanese people tell me, they say it makes you go bald... I don't believe them, but the pollution here is very bad, all air and water is just dirty.
Still haven't bought a camera, I will when I get time.
Thanks for everything! Don't worry, we will find a time to come to taiwan someday. Maybe when one of my new converts gets sealed in the temple, there are several on that route now.

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