Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good week. First, brother 徐盟凱 was baptized! Yay! Thank you for the prayers and faith, I am sure they were heard. The baptism went great and the ward has been really accepting. He fits right in. In the picture, he is the one with glasses.
The week overall went wonderful. This week had lots of fun stories I could share but I don't have too much time because I have been emailing new converts as well and it takes me too long to type chinese. Sorry.
On exchanges, got caught in this crazy rain storm, it was nuts, so heavy you couldn't see in front of you, it made everything white, but it was only for like 5 minutes. Weird. felt like I jumped in a pool after about 3 seconds of it. But right before that we were tracking down a less active's address, and we got to the house but one of his neighbors told us he moved. This neighbor was old and was unloading a bunch of boxes of bottled water from his car, so we went over and helped him and brought them all into his house. He then wanted us to sit down and it turns out he used to be sort of a christian, but hasn't thought about that stuff for a long time. Now he is retired and has time so he wants us to come back. Go service!
We have one investigator who we shared a message about temples with, and showed him pictures of all the temples online, and he was really touched by how beautiful they were. He shared with us how much criticism of our church he has read online, he felt like no one likes us, and many seem to hate us, and was confused because he feels like the missionaries are so nice, so his impression of us didn't really fit with all the hate towards the mormon church. But after seeing all those temples in so many countries, he feels like the church is actually a beautiful thing, and there is no way so many people could want to be part of it if it were evil. And then he promised that he will get baptized in our church someday because of the feeling it gives him, and that it seems like the people who are so critical and angry are probably the ones who are truly misguided. Thank you! So glad that some people can see this too. Also, I love the temple, it really is a symbol of the good that the church stands for and it has the power to change peoples hearts, even if they cant go there yet.
Everything is going great, I am happy, thanks for all you do. Love you
Elder Braithwaite

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