Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!
Happy Birthday Mom! (I know I'm a little early)
I love you! See included picture.
This week was great. Big miracle. Our favorite Brother 王宗允 is going to be baptized! He is the one who started meeting with us in January, and has been ready for baptism since probably February, but his mom always said no. We have been slowly working on her, leaving notes at their house, trying to get any chance to make contact with her and help her see how normal we are, etc. This week she finally agreed to meet with us, and discuss why her son wants to get baptized. So I did all this preparation, was basically ready for this epic battle where we (humbly) use the spirit to force her to allow him to be baptized (Preach my Gospel says that spiritual things CAN be forced, right?). So she came to the church, we sat down and right after the opening prayer she just looks up and says "so, he is getting baptized tomorrow right?" I was shocked, my companion was too, took a second to think of how to respond. I said, "well, tomorrow is a little fast, how about next week?". And she just agreed. We still aren't entirely sure why, what happened, but for some reason she just decided it was all okay. She will even come and support him.
So the spiritual battle I was expecting ended up as nothing, God already changed her heart and I don't really know how, but once again I didn't have to do anything. After 5 months of saying no, she was a pushover. Anyway, the important thing is that brother 王 will be getting baptized. His 10 year old brother also came with the mom that night, and he was really curious, said he wants to get baptized too, which I think bothered the mom a little, but we'll see. Who knows, maybe someday the whole family will want it...
Here is an interesting thing about brother 王. I contacted his friend outside of a 7/11 back in december, and when we met with this kid, we invited him to invite his friends to come learn with him. So the next time he brought some friends, who had not too much interest. But we kept telling him to bring more. About the third round of friends, brother 王 came along. In the end, all the others lost interest, including the first kid, but I'm sure this was God's way of getting us to the one who would want the gospel.
Other than that the week was good. Had a special training meeting with Elder Kent Watson, who is funny. When he does things slightly less "appropriate" like give people high fives or j-walk, he likes to use the excuse that "there were no stoplights 50 years ago in Cedar City"or "that's not the way it was done in Cedar". He talked to me about Carl and Doug, he will be released from being a general authority in a few months. Dad, do you remember him? It was also a spiritual meeting, was able to learn a lot.
Had exchanges this week with a missionary who has been out for a week that taught me things I wish I had learned 2 years ago. Proabably will change the way I look at my remaining time. At least I am learning new things up to the end right?
My birthday was good, I didn't really tell anyone but some missionaries found out and took me out to dinner, other than that nothing special.
The pictures are from a beach that a member drove us to last week. My companions camera is good and he takes pictures of stuff, so it's all good.
I am so happy to be here. Thank you for all that you do! Love you all.
Elder Braithwaite

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