Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hit the 2 year mark! Also, this week I finally wore a hole in the bottom of my Timberlands. Those have lasted amazingly well for $40 shoes.
Not much time today because we were asked to watch the missionary broadcast from the Mission President Seminar, which was live for us this morning. So I will just write the basics.
Brother 王宗允 was baptized. Good! And his mom came! The same mom that has said no for 6 months when our investigator wanted to be baptized. She met the Relief Society president and saw most of the young men in the ward. When her son bore testimony after the ordinance, she even cried. It is amazing to see how much God has softened this woman's heart. Afterwards, a member of the bishopric came up to me with a big smile and said, "Good job, that mom is going to follow her son someday." She also brought brother Wang's 10 year old little brother, who is willing to learn and wants to be baptized also.
Things continue to go well, I still love being here and we are seeing great successes with other investigators.
About 5 weeks ago we were calling names on the ward list that we didn't recognize, and talked to a man who let us come visit. We talked to him, found out he used to be in the bishopric, but went inactive and hasn't come in over a decade. We started going to visit him weekly, the progress was slow at first and it seemed like not much would happen, he has his thoughts about things and didn't seem to change for the first few weeks. But the desire to come back is there, and he is slowly working through his own problems. As we have been talking to our ward about him, many of the old members who remember him were shocked that we could even contact the guy. But they are now excited to help, they want to be involved, and we have seen the man really changing his attitude. He is close to agreeing to come back. It is fascinating to see that people really can make progress when they just can re-establish contact with the spirit.
I love you. Happy birthday mom. That picture last week was for you. I will bring home lots of stuff for you so that our house can get even more cluttered. I know that is what you want.
Elder Braithwaite

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